Sunday, 5 July 2009

Tagged, all about moi

I've been Tagged by the fabulous Tabithas Wonderland and Cheated Hearts.

Basically i have to tell you 10 facts about me!

1. I am the youngest of 4 children, i have 2 big brothers and 1 big sister who have produced 5 children so far with another on the way. I'd love to have a big family of my own some day.

2. I studied Early Childhood Studies right up to uni, i love little ones and hopefully will go back into that field at some point.

3. I'm only 5ft hence my love for very high heels!

4. I've lived in a few different places in the UK. I was born in London, grew up in Berkshire and am now just outside of Leeds. Also spent 3 years at uni in Northampton.

5. I have huge collections of scarves, funky socks, necklaces and of course shoes, but i hardly ever wear most of them(I'm trying to change that!).

6. I don't drink alcohol at home. The only time i drink is if i'm out but then its the hard stuff, i love tequila shots when they're done properly with the salt and lemon. At home i tend to drink water and fruit tea.

7. I love baking! I find it really relaxing and i'd like to think i'm pretty good at it!

8. I can sing a bit. I used to be in a choir and people always tell me i have a nice voice. I'm always humming to myself but sadly i've been having problems with my throat since December and my voice is a bit on and off at the moment.

9. I'm a list maker. I always have random lists in my diary, they can be shopping lists, things to do or anything. They make me feel more in control!

10. I have a tattoo of stars on my back.



  1. Great post!! I share your love for baking!! xXx

  2. How do you know if you get tagged? Sorry I probably sound thick for asking that!

  3. Yay for shoes! Especially us shorties :)

  4. @TheBrunette, when someone tags you it says at the bottom of the post, they say who they;re tagging. Also they should come and leave you a comment telling you. Hope that helps hun x

  5. great facts!! you like tequila?? margaritas or just shots? gotta love a good margarita! xx

  6. Love this post. I also love lists and have so many around my room! And snap with the alcohol - I never drink at home, I just wouldn't dream of it for some reason? xx

  7. Good read! I really wanna start baking - lol


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