Monday, 6 July 2009

Arggghhhh why!!

How typical is it that when i'm totally broke, my phone dies!!!
Thank god for my dad loaning me some money until payday. I ended up getting the LG Viewty which is a nice phone its chunky which i like but i can't get used to the touch screen! It also has a f camera so lots of pics from me, i'm just waiting on a USB cable that i've ordered from Amazon tonight.
In other news i have Tuesday and Wednesday off work and i'm spending it with the boy so i will be missing in action for 48 hours! Hope everyone else had a good Monday x


  1. I had the Viewty. It's lush. The video camera is really good!Did it not come with a USB cable?

  2. Oh, its always the way isn't it? No money so something has to break or whatever. Glad you've got a new phone though...always fun playing with a new toy :)

  3. I'm finally getting used to the touchscreen now. MissDollyGal there was no cable with it for some reason! x

  4. thank you for your comment, honey :)
    ahh I love that phone, my friend has it...the touch-screen is awfully hard to use though!


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