Thursday, 16 July 2009

1 more sleep until the weekend:) Giveaway reminder

Lets hope its a good one!
I've got a busy weekend planned starting with a trip into town after work tomorrow to get some essentials as its payday WOOOHOOO, then i'm meeting the boy and we're off to the cinema(if we can agree on what to see). The early on Sat i'm off to Blackpool with the girls, i've never been before so i'm so excited. We're spending the day at the pleasure beach then back to our B&B for beautifying and then we're off round the town at night. My All Saints Mabelle dress is getting its first outing yay. We're heading back home at some point on Sunday, not sure what i'll be doing it depends on the hangover i have.

Anyway heres a pic of me in the All Saints dress, i'm not going to wear it with grey tights but i just happened to have them on!
I'll try to get a picture of the back at the weekend, the straps are amazing.

What are your weekend plans? Make it a good one x

Ohhh and remember to enter my giveaway a few posts down x


  1. Love that dress!! Enjoy your weekend, sounds fun. I'm not upto much this weekend, just going to be a quiet one i think xx

  2. Lovely dress. Have a great time in Blackpool I am sure you will.
    I am going shopping today to Cardiff but not doing much this weekend.

  3. Damn girrrrl!! that dress looks gorgeous on you!! xxx

  4. blackpool is awesome!!!!!!!!
    lucky girl

  5. Hooray for payday! I'm looking forward to mine next week. Off to a hippie themed house party tomorrow so gonna have to figure out what to wear. Have fun in B'pool :)

  6. sexy wee black number, classic :)

    I got paid today too so shopping for me :)then off out at night

    Have a good one xx

  7. Have a good time. You look great in that black dress.

  8. love that dress.

    my weekend involves sleep and swine flu :(

  9. Hope you enjoy(ed) Blackpool! I once went with the girls and it was one of the best weekends i've ever had, we had such a laugh!

    That dress looks lovely on you!


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