Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Mini Avon Haul

Avon has been around forever and in my house we've always had the books lying round. I used to order all the time(their body lotions smell fab) but i've conciously stopped ordering recently as i just ended up buying things that i never used. To be honest i've never thought much of Avon's make up, the price of it can often be similar to Mac prices but it can lack the quality. I still always have a look when the book comes and i'd heard good things about the eyeshadow quad thats similar to a Chanel one so i decided to order it along with a lipgloss. I also got 2 free nail polishes.
Heres the Chanel compactHeres the Avon one, i got the colour way Purple Haze and its lovely.
I got an Extreme Shine Lipgloss in Rose Shine which is a gorgeous colour
My two nail polishes were in Rose Gold and Real Red.
Hopefully my cable for my phone will be here soon so i can post some proper photos!!


  1. I have purple haze - its gorgeous

  2. I've just discovered a brill new Avon product.
    It's Planet Spa and it's a little container of bath oil.
    You use it in the bath.
    My legs have never, ever been as soft!
    Great post x

  3. Hi there-thanks for the well wishes, much appreciated!!

    A lovely haul my dear, I'm a fan of Avon too and have just ordered some perfumes from them!!

  4. I have purple haze. Love it.

  5. Hello's,
    you know I've never lived anywhere which really had the whole avon thing.
    I know you can go avon-online but I just forget all about it you know?
    This is such a brill post, I must check avon out once and for all ha ha (:

    PeAce & BoWs...
    prettyneOns X

  6. We sometimes get the avon brochures through the door. Can't believe how similar the 2 compacts are, wonder how the quality compares...

  7. Hoorah someone who buys from Avon
    I love Avon and if you wait until the sale, its sooo cheap

  8. Hun I want to give you an award. My link thing isn't working so I'm having to do this the long way round.

    Go pop by my blog scroll right down and on the right hand side is a pink 'lovley blog award' ;)

    Have a nice weekend X


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