Sunday, 19 July 2009

Blackpool and haul!!!

Well Blackpool was amazing. Pure tacky and i loved it!
We spent Saturday at the Pleasure Beach going on the rides and eating the most lovely garlic bread ever. I'm a bit of a wimp when it comes to rides but convinced my friends to come onto the Veteran Carousel and the Alice in Wonderland ride(this actually scared one of my friends).I also loved the dancing water show.
The Tower
The Carosel
Me and the mad hatter. I'm totally soaked in this picture from a water ride.
Welcome to Alice's Wonderland
The water show

Last night we went out and i finally wore my Mabelle dress, i don't have pics yet as my friend has them on her camera but i'll post as soon as i get them. We all got suitably drunk and i managed to spend about £15 all night as a man my friend met was buying us drinks for most of the night. Highlights of the weekend include meeting Postman Pat(and Jess!), being kissed by an Octopus, attempting to do THE lift from Dirty Dancing(and failing!) and my friend breaking the bed in the B&B which had us in fits.
We stayed right by the the centre of town so it would have been not to go to the shops. New Look had the hugest sale on so thats where we went!
Black and cream double strap Mary Janes- these are gorgeous and i think Chanelesque
Tights in red, sheer black with spots and neon pink.
Black platform Mary Janes, these are massive!
Stripey bag with bow detail, perfect seaside bag
I also got a gorgeous black shift for work with ruffles on the front and back and a waist belt.
This week i've also been to The Body Shop and gotton Peach body butter, the oui oui oui lip butter, blusher, eyeshadow and concealer. I love it all!

Giveaway ends tonight! x


  1. can I be honest - the Alice In Wonderland scares me too - all those things leaping out - argh my friend Helen was in fits lol

  2. blackpool! ah.. been so long since i was last there^^ i havent even been on the alice in wonderland ride.. haha i want to see it..

    that body shop blush looks really cute.. i think i'll go check it out tomorow.. and I love the new shoes.xox

  3. Ah you got the lighter shade of TBS blush I got, do you love it? What is the lip butter like?

    YOu know the statue thingy majigy you are sat with, I have a picture of me on my dads knee when I was 3 sat with it! (I am 99% sure it is the same thing) I should upload it! We used to go every year to see the lights...went back about a yea ago just as a memories thing and I loved it!


  4. Love it all, glad you had fun in b'pool!! xxx

  5. Looks like you had fun.

    Me & Oh are going to Blackpool in September when the illumnations are on but I also have family up there.

    I am really looking forward to it.

    Lovely buys too I think I will definitely check out New Look.

  6. Glad you had a good time in Blackpool, i love going there!! I love, love, love those black/cream shoes, lush xx

  7. Ahh that Alice In Wonderland ride reminds me of when I was younger and went on it. I wanna go back to Blackpool haven't been for YEARS!

    Love the shoes! Ohh and the blush, thats the one I wanted x

  8. Wow!Sounds like you've had a fab week...I went to Blackpool years ago for the christmas lights or something. I really need to check out New Look if they've got a good sale on, I've got a giftcard to spend!

  9. I've never been to Blackpool

    you got some amazing buys!

  10. Loving the shoes and bag.
    Has your phone cable arrived yet?

  11. omg i loveeeee blackpool :)
    cant beat it for a funny holiday with friends!
    & thanks for the super sweet comment u left on my blog <3


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