Thursday, 30 July 2009

Giveaway alert

There is a fab giveaway on Amandas Sunshine at the moment click here. Its a gorgeous blog so check out the whole thing, not just the giveaway!! x
I've also tagged myself in this from Amandas blog, you go into your first photo album, post the 10th picture and give the story behind it.

This picture is of 2 of my puppies(Oscar and Coco) when we first got them, they look so tiny compared to now!

Heres my other dog Millie so she doesn't feel left out.


  1. awwh, your dogs are so cute, love your blog

  2. I love your dogs, so, so cute, i want!!! How do you cope with all three? hehe xx

  3. Sooo sweet of you to alert your readers to awesome giveaways and cute blogs - darling doggies btw :)

  4. Your dogs are just adorable, I'm a sucker for cute animals! Thanks for sharing the giveaway link - ill be checking that out x

  5. Aww.. your pups look super cute!

    What breed are they?

  6. thanks for your comment ^^ and your dogs are ever so adorable <3

  7. Thank you! Amanda they're Lhasa Apso's, they're very cute but very naughty too! x


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