Thursday, 23 July 2009

At first i was afraid, i was petrified

Today i had my long awaited hospital appointment for my throat so i was a bit nervous.

I wa expecting them to just question me and make me open my mouth and say ahhhhhhhh so you can imagine my shock when the doctor said they were going to put a camera up my nose and then back down my throat. Thinking about it now, i'm glad i didn't know about it in advance or i would have worried! They numbed it a little but it still hurt a bit and was uncomfortable and then my face was numb for like 2 hours after. The outcome of today is that i'm on some different medication for 2 months and then i have to go back again.

I used my Avon Purple Haze quad today, i posted about it a couple of weeks ago so thought i'd let you know how good it is.
Bearing in mind the £5 i paid for it, its fab, the colours are quite pigmented and lasted nearly the whole day and they were easy to blend together. I wouldn't say the quality is as good as MAC but its brilliant value for money,

In other notes i saw the boy today and he was gorgeous and lovely as always x


  1. Aww that sounds awful hun, hope you are ok. I think you are right though, it is better you didn't know about it as you didnt have time to worry. Love the Avon palette it's lovely. xx

  2. aww Em that sounds pretty awful. *big hugs*
    On the plus side your eyes are amazing

  3. I had to have that done before...horrible isn't it. x

  4. Hi there-hope you start feeling better with your throat my dear and love the Blackpool photos too!

  5. those little cameras are awful. I had an endoscopy once (throat down to stomach) and it hurt, a lot.

    Love your eyes!


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