Sunday, 24 July 2011

A weekend of ups and downs

Floral dress-Asda, Jeggings-New Look, Navy cardi-La Redoute

Navy belt-Primark, i'm not even sure if i like this but none of my other belts looked right

Gold glitter flats-Topshop
Ohhh some face shots!! I look super tired, but i have a baby, thats my excuse. I wanted to show you my lipstick, its MAC Impassioned, i need to wear it more

Paying the deposit on our reception venue. So exciting. I've also ordered bridesmaid dresses for my 2 little bridesmaids, they were such a bargain it would have been rude not too.

Receiving nice post rather than bills, yesterday in the post i received, my first Love Film disc, my new Shopaholic book and some pretty bows i ordered to stick to my save the date cards.

Sunshine today

Food shopping being delivered, i get stupidly excited about this every week. I love having a full fridge.

Phil being admitted to hospital yesterday after having a funny turn at work. He had to stay in overnight but is home today.

The awful things happening in the world, this week has seen a number of horrible things happening, each tragic in their own way. I wish the world was a nicer place.

This one now seems trivial but lack of sleep. Not getting to bed until nearly 2am and then being woken up at 4.45am by Seb full of beans and wanting to play is not a good combo!

What have you been upto this weekend? xx


  1. Housework! Not very fun, but at least blitzing it all means that my evenings this week are free and I can just chill out and enjoy myself.

    Glad Phil is home now. Did they find out what was wrong with him?

  2. Hey hun

    Glad Phil's home safe and not still in the hospital. How exciting to be getting on with making plans for the wedding! what Love film disc did you get?

    I will check out my Lush times for the picture of Seb how ace!!!


  3. I'm glad Phil is home and on the mend <3 x

  4. Aww poor Phil- glad you're gettign things sorted though! xx

  5. Has Phil been overdoing it? Jon had a scare like that a few years ago and had to have loads of scary tests. Hope he's okay.
    Loving the new lippie, so pretty and very you! x

  6. Hiya

    Firstly you look lovely and love your outfit

    I know I agree there are awful things happening all the time and evil people in this world.

    I am so glad Phil is ok.

    Its good that you have your bridesmaids dresses and I got the shopaholic book yesterday too xx


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