Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Thank you!

Two posts in one day!! But i just wanted to thank the people who commented on yesterdays wedding dress post, its nice to get advice from such stylish ladies.

I actually went to Debenhams and Monsoon yesterday and tried some wedding dresses on and i think a shorter dress is definately the way to go. Although there were no 50's bridal dresses for me to try, i looked much better in the 2 shorter dresses i tried on the long ones made my hips look unflatteringly huge(and they are big anyway!).

I'm going to go with my mum in a couple of weeks and try some more on with her to advise and i will be keeping you all updated!


  1. Oh thats great that you have decided I am sure whatever you wear you will look stunning anyway x

  2. Look forward to reading more about your choices xx

  3. Aw I'm glad that you feel better about it xx

  4. I love the short versions. My moms was stunning but unfortunately we all played in it as children so it was past repair when us girls got married.

    X x


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