Thursday, 21 July 2011

Its been a loooong day

We were all up bright and early this morning to get to a hospital appointment for Seb. When we got there we had a two hour wait for our appointment(yes they were that behind!) and the appointment lasted a total of 3 minutes. The main thing is Seb is all ok(its a personal thing that was being checked on) and will just need a check up when he gets older.

The weather was freezing when we left our house this morning but by this afternoon i was boiling.

Red jumper-TK Maxx(not sure what brand this is as the label has no name on?), Skirt-H&M, Black cardi-La Redoute, Black opaques

Mirrored heart necklace-Vintage

Floral tie on the back of the jumper

Jewelled pumps-TopshopIt then took forever to get home, including swapping buses when ours broke down. So i had a well deserved cup of tea and gingerbread man.



  1. You look really suits you.
    Glad Seb is all ok xx

  2. Oh that jumper is lovely! What a pain about the hospital delay. Hope Seb didn't mind it too much.

  3. I really want a gingerbread man now! Hurrah for Seb being a-ok :) x


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