Wednesday, 27 July 2011

AW 2011 what will you be wearing?

Well we're fast approaching the Autumn which is my favourite time of year. This year will be a bit different as i won't be working or heavily pregnant, so i need things i can wear for trips to the park and chasing a lively baby around.

After browsing a few shops new collections i think i'll mainly be shopping in Matalan and H&M.

I received the Matalan lookbook a few weeks ago and quite a few bits caught my eye, including

Love the colour and sleeves on this dress

Cute shoes

How cute is this squirrel dress, fab with tights and boots in winter

Quite a few bits caught my eye in the new H&M catalogue.

I really want this polka dot dress

This skirt is a lovely shape and i can see it with various tops tucked in and with tights and boots.

So what are you going to be wearing this AW? Has anything caught your eye?



  1. I simply love the squirrel jumper dress! The first dress is a beautiful colour and I love the shoes but don't know if I would suit them.xx

  2. I saw that polka dot dress in the catalogue and thought of you!

  3. I love that 1st dress and I must admit I am loving H&M at the moment. xx

  4. I love that polka dot dress!

  5. That squirrel jumper dress is amazing. And I love the shoes, could quite easily live in shoes like that..

  6. Nice picks Em! I really like that H&M skirt and god, that squirrel jumper is brilliant!

    I think I'm going to attempt more stylish layering this autumn/winter instead of automatically diving into giant jumpers.


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