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Wedding dresses

Since i was tiny wedding dresses have seemed magical to me. When we went shopping into places like Debenhams, me and my mum would always go to the bridal section to see if anyone was trying dresses on and i loved it. Even as an adult, if we go shopping we still look in the wedding dress section and coo over bridal shops when we walk past.

I always thought i would have a really traditional dress but now i'm actually looking at buying a wedding dress i realise that i may not end up with that at all! I haven't been to try any on yet(i'll be honest, it kind of scares me!) but i have been looking online and i just don't really fancy any of the long strapless dresses with diamante etc

Being only 5ft long dresses tend to drown me so instead i've been looking at other options and i keep coming back to this.

Its from an online shop who do lots of 50's style wedding dresses along with sashes and petticoats in various colours to go with them.

I love the length, the neckline and the corset back. Our colours for the wedding appear to be hot pink and white(as i ordered some bridesmaid dresses in pink last week) so with this i think i would have white petticoats and a pink sash.

Along with a birdcage style veil like this

And some knockout shoes with very high heels(possibly irregular choice?), Phil is well over 6ft so i need the height!

I'm going to try to find a shop with similar styles for me to try on before i even think about deciding to have this let alone ordering, but i want to know what you think?

I need honesty please!!


  1. I think its all about what suits you as I too had this idea of a big massive dress but when I tried one on I disappeared it in I just looked too small for it. I am only 5ft 2 so it drowned me. In the end I went for a fitted at the waist and hips and then flared like a-line which I think suited me the most.
    I think because I am large chested that the large skirted dresses just made me look like I had no waist and was just a blob lol

    I wore 4 inch heels Mike too is over 6ft so it looked fine.
    Its all so exciting!

  2. I think that dress would suit your figure. I think if you are unsure maybe go to a few bridal stores and try all different styles. I never went to any bridal stores to try any wedding gowns. Like you, it scares me as well. Everything is strapless, big and heavy. Mind you my dress is strapless but it's not your typical dress.

    But seriously go to several different bridal stores and try on different styles. Good luck! Xxx

  3. How exciting, and totally scary too! I felt the same when I was choosing my wedding dress last year. Being only 5ft and not skinny, trying on dresses was a interesting experience! I also had a very limited budget which a lot of bridal shops just didn't cater for but I was determined to stick to it. I ended up going to 2 bridal shops and two high-street stores. The bridal shops were ok but I found that most dresses came in a size 6-8 and I felt like a huge lump whilst they pinned me into them (I was a 12-14). It was fun experience though and I certainly came away knowing more about what I wanted from a dress. In the end I bought my dress from Monsoon - a great price at £250, it fitted me straight away (I still had to lose a few pounds so that it fit less tight!) and all I had to do was to get it taken up and the straps shortened. Something a bridal shop would have charged a fortune to do, but I found a nice alterations lady near my work who did it for a fraction of the price. It also meant I could pop in on my lunch break and try it on whenever I needed to. I felt so comfortable in it that I didn't want to take it off! My recommendation would be to have your waistband on your smallest part. For me, I am smallest just under my boobs so I went for a dress that worked with my shape. The dress you've chosen above will work amazingly for you I reckon, because your smallest part is your waist (from what I can tell from past blog posts). I love the idea of a sash and petticoat. Could you be tempted into having a pink petticoat? I reckon it would look stunning! Good luck in the hunt and don't be too bogged down with wedding blogs and stuff. While they are great and inspirational to begin with, I spent too long reading about 'perfect' weddings and all kinds of themes that I would have loved but were just not possible for us. In the end I stopped reading the blogs and enjoyed putting together OUR perfect wedding. Looking forward to hearing about the plans you have.

  4. I've gone for a shorter, 50's style, tea length dress. They are a nightmare to find in bridal shops though, i found 5 in total and luckily one was perfect. I adore the whole 50's look, it will be perfect for you :) xx

  5. that dress with a fascinator would be beautiful! A shorter wedding dress with a splash of colour is gorgeous, sure you'll make a beautiful bride! xx

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  7. Sorry deleted the above comment as had a spelling mistake!

    I also meant to say I think that dress is lovely BUT I think I personally would have been really diappointed if I would have had a knee length dress rather than a full length. To me a wedding gown is full length but its each to their own and you may not feel this way.

    I think if I got married now I would go for a fishtail design I think they are gorgeous.

    Sorry to ramble on!

  8. Aww I bet you are so excited! Personally I would go for what suits your figure best - I'm 5"2 and I know that I just wouldn't suit a long strapless traditional dress so if I ever get married I'd have this problem! The dress you've shown is gorgeous xxx

  9. They are exactly the dresses I was looking at and from that site too, I love the 'Grace' and 'Lauren' dresses with sash and maybe petticoat. I'm 5'2 and think lots of traditional dresses would swamp me. Also we are planning on Vegas for our wedding and a short length dress would be easier for travelling. A few of these 50s style dress ideas I have looked at have been lots cheaper than traditional dresses and shops. Our budget is going to be pretty small for everything outside of flights so these are perfect. Going to a proper shop to try dresses on actually terrifies me, I'd be worried that I'd see nothing in budget in so many shops, and because I'm so fixed on a short 50s style I'm not sure I'd find them in many shops.
    p.s. I was the one on twitter who said I'd like to hear about your wedding ideas x

  10. I'd say try on a load of styles in a bridal shop before definitely ruling out a full length dress. Personally I reckon you'd look amazing in a dress like the one you've shown above but there's no point making such a big decision without exploring all the options, is there?

    Maybe somewhere like Vivien of Holloway would be good as a place to try on lots of 50s style dresses? I don't know if they have a shop outside London but perhaps as a fun day trip? Even if they aren't wedding dress colours or fabrics it might help pick shapes that you like.

  11. Oh i think your figure/style would totally suit that kind of dress, love the veil too.

    Sdaie xx


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