Friday, 29 July 2011

Afternoon in the park

We were lucky enough to have beautiful weather yesterday so as Phil was on a late shift we decided to go to the park and have a impromptu picnic.

I forgot to take any outfit photos so you'll have to make do with a picture of my shoes, i have no idea where these are from but i found them in my old wardrobe at my parents house, they have a nice 3 inch heel too.

I thought i'd take the chance to post some photos of Seb, hes going to be 8 months old tomorrow!

Eating sandwiches

Chewing on some melon

Ice creams!

Sebs first try of an ice cream(naughty me!)

Is it me or does Seb look like a giant baby in the photo?!

Our neighbour put an envelope containing this through our door to say thank you because we looked after her 3 cats for a month while she went away. I'd told her we didn't want anything but she wouldn't take no for answer.

We are really lucky here, we have lovely neighbours.

Have you got any weekend plans?

Seb is going to Phils parents for the afternoon tomorrow(for the first time on his own, he's only ever been to my parents) while me and Phil go for lunch as its his birthday next week but he's working. Then we have a BBQ to go to tomorrow evening.



  1. Love the pics of Seb - what a gorgeous boy he is! Did he like the icecream? I've got lots of photos when my nephew had his first taste of icecream - hilarious!

    On that note, those icecreams look seriously good - sprinkles & everything, jealous!

    That really is a generous neighbour - I'm sure you'll be volunteering to help out again!

  2. What a generous neighbour you have.

    awww Seb is so cute and those ice creams looks delish xx

  3. Generous neighbours :)
    Seb looks so adorable! Cutest little cheeks ever!

  4. Lovely neighbour. And baby does look HUGE!

    Can't go wrong with sarnies and melon. Good lad.

  5. Wow, wasn't that lovely of her? Are you going to spend it on anything nice?

    Seb is SO big! He always looks so bonny and happy in the pics you post of him.


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