Sunday, 31 July 2011

From the head down

Yesterday the 3 of us had a busy day. Up bright and early, Seb went to Phils parents while me and Phil went into Leeds for some lunch and shopping as its Phils birthday next Thursday but he'll be working right the way through next weekend.

It was beautiful yesterday, totally perfect weather. After shopping we met Phils parents(and Seb) at a family friends birthday BBQ.

Face shot first, i'm growing out my fringe, i liked it but i always end up clipping it back.

Brown and cream polka dot scarf in my hair- Charity shop

Cream lace dress-Primark

Mirrored heart necklace-Vintage

Popped this on to show my sandals as i forgot to take a photo

Red bow sandals(Marc Jacobs rip offs)- Garage shoes

Sebs modelling H&M and some random demin shorts from ebay.

Did you have the lovely weather too? xxxx


  1. You look utterly lovely :)

    When I saw you'd bought that lace dress, I thought it was the same as one I've got, but in a slightly different colour (mine's more mink than cream) - but seeing it on, I'm rather jealous, as mine's REALLY short - yours looks such a lovely length!

    That necklace is lovely.

    Seb looks bloody gorgeous, as usual :)

  2. We did yesterday but sadly not today - very overcast and dull :(

  3. Oh dear. Someone buy this girl a thesaurus! Overuse of the word 'lovely' there much?! Please forgive me, I can only blame tiredness & generally feeling rubbish to explain my lack of vocabulary skills this evening :/

    PS. It is all lovely though!

  4. you are so pretty! and Seb, just divine!

  5. I love your lace dress its lovely x


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