Sunday, 10 July 2011

I like you Very much

Very is a brand i've seen popping up alot of late in tv adverts, magazines and of course other blogs. Its not always a site i've visited regularly but i think that might be about to change as the current stock is fab!

After browsing through the womens clothes section on the site this playsuit caught my eye, regular readers will know i love a quirky pattern and this dog print is no exception, its so cute! The mesh back is making it even more appealing to me. I also like the reviews that people have written for it, i love it when fashion sites do a review section so you can actually get a real feel for the items and it provides good feedback for the brand too.

I even have a necklace just like the one Diana Vickers is wearing in the picture, i think that means i might need to order it....

Do you shop at Very?

What do you think of the site?

And most importantly, do you think i should order the playsuit?!!


  1. I've never bought anything on Very before, though a have a friend who buys quite a lot of clothes from there. It's just a site I always forget about when I'm browsing online! Love the look of that playsuit though! xo

  2. Loving that playsuit. I've bought a fair amount of stuff from there, mostly as gifts.

  3. Ah treat yourself. I don't seem to buy much online anymore so it's not a company I've shopped with before but the things I see on other blogs always look lovely.

  4. It's a dog print playsuit - in my opinion, there is no question as to whether or not to purchase it! GET IT! I'll say it again, dog print playsuit. Seriously. Amazing!

  5. deffo need to order this playsuit! suuuuch a gorgeous design and shape! love your blogggg X X


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