Friday, 17 December 2010

What i would like....

... for my birthday and Christmas. I don't really expect presents, especially now Seb is here and i'd love to receive anything but heres a few bits i have my eye on.
River Island Panda Hat, i've wanted this since last winter, its so cute and will be fab for when i go out on walks with Seb.
I still haven't got myself the latest Shopaholic book
I'm always happy to receive chocolate!
Anything from Lush is always appreciated
Its always nice to have a new perfume at Christmas, these two are on my wishlist

Finally these two Zara dresses are currently being admired by moi, i love the floral ones colours and shape and the cream looks lovely and warm and i love the bow
What are you wanting to find underneath the tree? xxx


  1. I have always loved those Panda Hats, and perfume is my number 1 wish at Christmas, it always makes for a wonderful present x

  2. I love the Zara dresses, and Seb is so unbelievably cute, I'm glad he's being a good baby for you! x

  3. Peacocks do a Panda hat - almost identical to the river island one, and mine was only £4. :)


  4. What a fab list Em! Love both of those dresses and all the other bits and bobs are gorgeous. Lush stuff is always very much appreciated by me too!

  5. I want that book too I have all of Sophie Kinsella's books. I love the hat too and the last dress is divine! xx

  6. That floral dress is so lovely!! :)


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