Monday, 20 December 2010

Happy Birthday to meeeeeeee!

Wow 27 sounds so old, i don't feel it at all!
I'm not sure what happened with my last post, it was meant to be scheduled but went on today for some reason! Nevermind.

Its been the quietest birthday ever. Phil managed to get this morning off work so he did all of the night feeds with Seb and i got a full nights sleep :)

Seb has obviously been reading my blog recently as for my birthday he got me a lovely mummy card(he's so clever he can write!) and the panda hat i wanted! I love it soo much!
I've also been given Nina Ricci perfume(from Phil), Kylie Darling perfume set, Chocolate smellies set, sparkly shoe moneybox, chocolate shoes, a humungous scarf and the cutest tea for one set. My mum is taking me clothees shopping for a present, i'm going to wait until the new year when Phil is off work so i can leave Seb with him rather then dragging him round the shops and me and my mum can have a serious shop.
I also got a bag of Lush goodies :)
And homemade cakes with mini eggs on top :)
This afternoon has just been me and Seb who is being very good and sleeping

Phil will be home from work at about 9pm so we're having a takeaway and i'm going to have my first taste of alcohol since the start of March. Just one glass of wine but it'll probably get me drunk!



  1. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a lovely day :) xxx

  2. Happy Birthday! That sounds like a lovely day xxx

  3. Happy Birthday! Glad you had a good day :) x

  4. Happy birthday :)

    You've got some lovely things there - lucky girl!

    Seb looks absolutely gorgeous there sleeping - & what a clever boy, reading & writing already! Bless 'im :)

  5. Happy Birthday x

    Love the hat it really suits you.
    Looks like you had some lovely birthday presents x

  6. oh wow! Happy birthday lovely :D Looks like a wonderful day. x

  7. Happy Birthday, Em(Seb's too cute:)!


  8. Happy Birthday Em! Glad you got some lovely pressies, your scarf is gorge! Seb is such a little cutie, love his outfit <3 xxxx

  9. Hope you've had a great day. The hat is fab and you got the perfume too, lucky you :) Happy Birthday xx

  10. Happy birthday lovely! Sounds like you've had a really nice day and what great presents. Am v. impressed with Seb's shopping skills!

    ps - post scheduler just isn't working for me either. It's driving me mad.

  11. Awh Happy Birthday! I hope you had a lovely day - some gorgeous presents! Your little man is soooo cute! xx

  12. Happy Birthday!
    You look so cute in your panda hat :) x

  13. Happy birthday!
    You look adorable in that hat!!
    Hope you have a lovely lovely day, enjoy yourself lots

  14. Happy Birthday for yesterday! You look so cute in your hat! x

    The doll on fashion


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