Sunday, 19 December 2010

Its been a long time

so be gentle. I've not done an outfit post in an age but i'm hoping to get back into it now. Still carrying some baby weight, i can't wait until 10 more weeks and i can do some stomach crunches.
This was worn to go to my parents and to a friends house with Seb. A black best would be farrrr better!
Nude vest-Topshop, Floral tunic dress-H&M, Leggings-ASOS, Cream cardigan-Primark, Socks-Matalan(like you wanted to know!)
Seb was pulling faces in Baby Dior and Paul Frank socks
Its my birthday tomorrow, looks like i'll be having a white birthday for the second year in a row! xxx


  1. wow you look great!wouldn't guess how huge your bump was a few weeks ago!

    seb is adorable, making me want one too!

    happy birthday for tomorrow

  2. I love the dress! :)
    Seb is adorable and happy birthday for tomorrow <3

  3. Cute dress - love the stripey socks too!
    Hope you have a lovely birthday tomorrow :) x

  4. The tunic dress is lovely, and little Seb is so cute x

  5. Baby weight? Ha. I still have mine 21 years later! Cute dress. Great navy sleepsuit. Unusual and smart.

  6. Happy Birthday for tomorrow my lovely! What a wonderful Christmas you are going to have with Seb and your family. :D x

  7. Seb has one gorgeous mummy you look amazing considering just a few weeks a go you had such a huge and gorgeous bump x oh and Happy Birthday for tomorrow too x

  8. Cute outfit :). Seb looks soooo cute in that outfit x

  9. Seb is gorgeous! And you look damn amazing for someone who's just had a baby!
    Early birthday wishes xx

  10. Em you look absolutely gorgeous! It's not natural to be teeny tiny just after giving birth - be kind to yourself please.

    Also Seb is just ridiculously cute!!

  11. You look fantastic Em, so does Seb!
    Happy birthday for tomorrow! xxx

  12. You look amazing Em - there's no need to stress about doing crunches! Hope you have a fab birthday tomorrow! x

  13. Considering you've just popped out wee Seb, you look fine(the weight will fall off in time:)!


  14. You look amazing, and i love the necklace and the print on that dress!! xx


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