Monday, 13 December 2010

Nail of the day

Back to normality(well kind of). So far Seb is proving to be a really contented easy baby, he's gained weight, the midwife says he's thriving and i'm lucky to be healing nicely too. As he spends big chunks of time sleeping at the moment i've been able to keep things fairly normal including keeping my nails neat and tidy, its a small thing but makes me feel like myself.
Currently sporting- ELF Desert Haze
Sebs Outfit of the day!
Blue striped top-Primark
Grey cardi-Primark
Socks-Paul Frank
I'm hoping to get back to properly blogging and doing outfit posts later in the week xx


  1. Seb looks so cute!
    Love that nail polish shade too. x

  2. ahh lovely outfit on him :)
    i think that for new mums keeping up with those little things can rly help to feel like you're not overwhelmed!

  3. he is such a cutie glad everything is going well xx

  4. Your e-mail made my day, so thank you!

    So glad things are going well for you! x

  5. Glad everythings going well hun, he's such a cutie x

  6. Oh my word - huge congratulations :)

    He's absolutely gorgeous & I LOVE that outfit - too cute!

  7. He is absolutely gorgeous!!! you did so well! :D xxx

  8. Seb is so cute, he looks really smart in his little cardi too!
    I love your nail polish, I need to try some of ELF's nail polishes as I only have a clear one :) x

  9. Thanks for your comments.

    He is going to be one trendy baby and he is soo cute xx I love his little cardigan.

    Your nails look fab too xx

  10. The baby is gorgeous - congratulations xxx


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