Tuesday, 28 December 2010

I wish it could be Christmas everyday

I'm not going to do a present haul post this year as to be honest they've been the last thing on my mind. Both me and Seb got thoroughly spoilt but more importantly Seb got all the love and cuddles he could ever ask for. This year its seemed more important then ever to spend time with family.
Seb got to meet his Great Grandma...
snooze with Bob...
and watch us all gorge on chocolate.
Soppiness over, back to normal posting tomorrow!! xxx


  1. Sebs first Christmas sounds wonderful :)x

  2. Congratulations, Em! Sebastian is absolutely adorable. I hope your first Christmas with him was magical! xxx

  3. Hope you had a lovely Christmas with Seb :) x

  4. What a perfect sounding first Christmas! x


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