Wednesday, 22 December 2010

What i love about Christmas

Decorations and twinkling fairy lights in peoples home and gorgeous lights when out and about late night shopping.
Carol singers always get me feeling festive.
Food and drink. Turkey, pigs in blankets, shortbread, gingerbread, hot chocolate, mulled wine all delicous.
The Snowman. I have to watch this every year. This year we've got it on DVD and i can't wait to sit and watch.

Cosiness. Fires, cuddling up under blankets,wrapping up snug against the cold when you go out.

And saving the most important until last, family. This year family has a whole new meaning to me, i can't wait to wake up on Christmas morning with my little family and to start our own yearly traditions. Seb will probably sleep through it all but he is the best present me and Phil could ever have.
What do you love about Christmas?


  1. awww such a nice post, It will deffo change the meaning for you bet you cant wait!

    I LOVE the snowman too, Steven bought for me on xmas eve last year and doesn't get why I like it so much. I made him watch it at the weekend though!

    Have a good one Em xxx

  2. I love watching Home Alone! Playing board games with my family and Christmas eve in new pj's! x

    The doll on fashion

  3. Oh gosh that last photo makes me so broody it's unbelievable!

    I'm so glad you are going to have the most wonderful Christmas, with your new baby boy! Also: hot chocolates and The Snow Man! Yes please! x

  4. Lovely post, this Christmas will be such a special one for you! The last photo is so sweet. I love everything about Christmas I think, Elf is my yearly must-see film!

  5. aww that last photo is soooo cute.


  6. oh man that last photo just melted me!

  7. Love this post(just gorgeous:) and I'm with you with Christmas Carols too!


  8. OMG! I love daddy baby photos, they just melt my heart :) I hope you have a gorgeous Christmas, this year will be amazing for you!! xxx

  9. While your getting warm in front of the fire, us Aussies are melting in the heat with the air con on, jugging down ice cold beer and having a cold Christmas dinner cause its too hot to have a baked dinner :) Merry Christmas with your little man xxx

  10. Aw that's so sweet with your little family - I hope you have a perfect first Christmas together! x

  11. Oh that last photo is just SO adorable!

    I hope you have a lovely Christmas Em. Seb might well snooze all the way through it but that first Christmas as just the three of you will be magical.

  12. I hope you have a lovely Christmas.
    I don't think i've ever known any carol singers to come round- perhaps i just don't live in the right area!

  13. I echo what everyone else has said, the last photo is adorable!
    Have a wonderful Christmas the three of you, and let it be the first of many more to come x


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