Thursday, 16 December 2010

ELF Matte Finisher Nail Polish Review

Sebastians fast asleep and Phil has gone back to work today after his paternity leave. So i'm catching up on reading blogs and posting.
I finally got round to ordering the Matte Finisher from ELF about 3 weeks ago, it took 2 weeks to arrive(not the fault of ELF, stupid Royal Mail held it for ages) but was worth the wait and its ticked an item off of my wish list.
I've never used a Matte polish before so i was keen to try and for £1.50 it really didn't matter if i didn't like it.
You can use this over any colour nail polish to create a matte finish in seconds. I chose to use it over Barry M's dark green as its a colour i love and it reminds me of the colour of Christmas trees! Heres the before, shiny(messy nails).
and heres the after, matte(messy) nails!
I love it, it really does work in seconds and dries so quickly. You can actually see it working on your nails. Every time i order from ELF i'm more impressed, they offer such good quality products for such low prices and they always have offers on. I did order some other bits which i'll review when i get the chance.
What is everyone upto this weekend?
Phil is working long hours all weekend so me and Seb are going to my parents on Saturday for the day, hopefully we'll hit the shops as its my birthday on Monday and my mum wants to buy me my present. Also while i'm over there i'll be popping into a friends so she can meet Seb.


  1. Lovely colour looks really nice, you have lovely nails x

    I am meeting with 3 girlfriends on Saturday for lunch. So looking forward to the catch up.


  2. I've been wanting to try a Matte topcoat for a while but i've heard mixed reviews about some brands but the ELF one looks really good. I've only ever tried their clear polish so this is something i'll be ordering if I get some Christmas money :) x

  3. Cool! Well it was def worth the wait then.
    I have my work xmas party tonight then I'm working all weekend at my second job :( x

  4. I've wanted to try a matte topcoat for a while too. This one sounds great and ELF is always such a bargain. x


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