Thursday, 3 December 2009

Weekend haulage

I managed to pick up a few bits while i was away, so here goes....

The cutest vest from New Looks, only £3 in the sale
Plain nude tee and chain strap style belt both from New Look
This gorgeous lace top with zip detail on the back, again from New Look!
We then went to a shop called QS where it was cheap as anything. If you have one of these shops near you i order you to go and pick up these bedsocks for £1 a pair and BOGOF, they are the softest socks in the world EVER! They also stock BYS make up so i got 4 nail polishes. I got a glitter eyeshadow pallette from an unknown brand too- its pretty poo but ok to add a bit of glitter on top of normal make up. I also picked up a heated eyelash curler in Boots. Nail polishes swatched
I also got these cute star tights and purple ones as they were free.And these leopard pumps for £4!We also went into a lovely quirky store where they had an amazing caged manniquin which i loved but had no way of bringing back home, so i settled for this pretty bookmark.


  1. I adore the 'le petit chien' vest, its gorgeous!!xx

  2. Oooh, which store was the chained mannequin in? I LOVE mannequins, I have a little obsession!

    Love the vest and the pumps! Cute!

  3. Grat aul. I think QS used to be Bewise. I have some socks form QS though and they have stayed soft for aaages :) Emma

  4. Great haul :) Love the 'le petit chien' vest! xx

  5. fab new look bits, have you tried the eyelash curler yet? i once tried an ordinary no7 one and it was rubbish so am on the look out for one that works :) x


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