Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Doggys in the snow

As promised here are a few pictures of my dogs in the snow.
Oscar and Coco loved it and didn't want to come back in but Millie hates it and we caught her dancing from foot to foot so only 2 paws were in the snow at any time.
Oscar looking at me through the window
Oscar and Coco
Oscar trying to blend in
Poor Millie sticking to the edge of the garden!


  1. Awwwww your dog's are so cute. I really want a dog!

  2. So adorable! My mum's dogs love the snow, they cannot get enough of it!

  3. Ah they are so cute! what type of dogs are they?
    My two love the snow, although Dozer often eats as much as he can..sure that's not good.

  4. Thank you, yes they are cute but they are very naughty!! Kel they are Lhasa Apsos xxx


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