Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Outfit of the day and dinner with the girls

Work was pretty rubbish today, i can't wait for next Wednesday when i finish for Christmas. Luckily i had a light at the end of the tunnel as i was meeting my friends for food and drinks this evening.
So i wore

Bow detail dress-Mela Loves London, Black opaques, Black cardi-La Redoute

Close up of the bow

I went to Ann Summers and got myself these to cheer myself up .I actually went in for a white bra but didn't really like the ones they had.

Christmassy lights in town

Me and my friend shared this Purple Rain cocktail pitcher, it tasted like refreshers :) And predictably i went for carbonara, i can't get enough!!
We had a good gossip, so i'm now uptodate on everyones lives. It was a nice chilled night.
Can you believe i'll be 26 on Sunday? Scary!


  1. love the dress and that pasta made me SO hungry.

  2. I agree, that food makes me starving! And the drink makes me want a good night out :) Working all weekend but monday i think i will go out :) lovely blog as usual. <3

  3. Gorgeous outfit!
    oh i love carbonara, good choice!

  4. Beautiful dress, love the bow!
    Like the sound of a Refreshers flavoured cocktail.

  5. OK I want that meal now! I am going to make spaghetti carbonara when I get home I think. Yum! For some reason I always thought you were same age as me (23) - even though I know I have just seen it clearly stating you're 25 on your profile bit! lol, hope you have a good bday! xxx

  6. Hello gorgeous, loving the tartan dress, I love tartan!

    See you soon.

  7. fantastic dress! I love the underwear, I wish Ann Summers did my size :(

  8. Oh i love your wee mix mash post :)

    keep them coming, i really need to get some on the go

    Hope you have great b'day whatever you- cant wait for the pics x

  9. I love Purple Rain and carbonara - sounds like my perfect night out!!


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