Saturday, 5 December 2009

Hair history

After my recent cut i've been thinking about my hair and how its changed over the years, so i thought i'd do a hair history. I've seen these on other blogs and love seeing how people have changed over the years.

This is me at a week old with lots of black hair, i love this photo so much.
A couple of photos as a little girl with long very blonde hair. Aged 6.
Aged 8
I must be about 15 or 16 here(naughty girl in a bar), you can't see my hair to well but its streaked through with lots of red and blonde.
At college with long black hair.
Then at uni with very long hair with lots of blonde in. I'd be about 21 or 22 here.

This was earlier this year, most of you will know this, long dark hair, sometimes coloured red.
Now my new hair, shoulder length with fringe, sorry about the grumpy face!!

I'd love to see everyone do one of these posts, its interesting to see how people change over the years.


  1. Awww look how cute you were! That's a really good idea for a post. I have had millions of haircuts mine will be very funny. You suit the fringe alot too

  2. aww you were cute as a child you are soo pretty.

    I used to have long blonde hair as a kid and it got darker and darker.

    You remind me a bit of Samia Ghadia who plays Maria in Corrie in the last one.

  3. I think the last two pictures suit you the best, you were such a cute little girl!! The fringe really frames your face, its gorgeous xx

  4. I love the new haircut - the fringe really suits you. Great eye-make up too!

  5. Love this post, i hope to do it when me old laptop comes back (if the photos are still on it)

    Samia Ghadia yeah i see it!

    You suit blonde too btw xx

  6. I love your hair,
    I really need to do something with mine.
    I was born ginger ;)


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