Sunday, 27 December 2009

How do you make an apple puff? chasing it round the garden. Yes that was the best joke from our crackers this year. I've got to admit it did make me chuckle.

This is a show off your presents post, Santa was good to me this year and i loved everything i got. I have to say though in my family we don't go mad so my haul is not as impressive as some others i've seen. To be fair if i had lots of stuff i probably couldn't be bothered to take photos and post it all!!

Black dress that i had been admiring. Black bow shoes from Topshop with a small heel, these are perfect for work and i love them! Typically they have gone down to half price in the sale now!
Big black quilted bag, again from Topshop, i have a few quilted bags but they are small so better for night time, this one can be used everyday.
Gorgeous chunky hand knit scarf and hat with amber gems
Topshop necklace with the cutest Russian Doll, Eiffel Tower, heart and ring charms. Pink heart clock necklace from Topshop
Heres some of the massive load of smellies i got. Seriously are people trying to hint that i'm a bit whiffy?!
This is my secret santa gift from a forum i use, i got a towel that dries your hair super fast, a mini Baileys and an Anatomicals set of Stop Cracking Up and No Old Bags Allowed. Thank you secret santa!!! x
Did you all have a good Christmas? What did Santa bring you? xxxx


  1. Wow you had some amazing gifts, I love the shoes and bag! Dn't be offended with the smellies, I had 5 Lush gift boxes (yep, 5!) so I must be a bit whiffy lol xx

  2. aww sweet presents I love those shoes. xx

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  4. Those shoes are beautiful!
    I was lucky enough to get a new Macbook for Christmas, but I've had it for a few months already. Other than that I got Mariocart for the Wii, lots of Tigi Bedhead products and some Eyelure lashes!

  5. I like the bag! it's cute!

    I had nice christmas presents as well! yay!


  6. The quilted bag went into the sale too!!! I hope they kept the receipt then you could go get the difference back and keep the bag :)
    But all looks like fun!!! <3

  7. Great stuff I really love those shoes. So adorable!

  8. The shoes are cute! And that bag, I really want on of those bags. You do have a show fetish don't you? x

  9. I love the necklaces and shoes, you got some lovely gifts!!

    I hardly got any smellies at all, I was a bit gutted as I love Christmas gift sets!


  10. Absolutely love those shoes! You got some lovely presents, hope you had a really good Christmas x

  11. amazing! i love the swag from your secret santa! and that topshop items are amazing!

  12. Gorgeous gifts

    and is it wrong that the joke actually made me laugh?!

  13. Thank you everyone!
    Pip, i really do have a shoe fetish, i love them!!
    Laura, i found it amusing too, the rest of my family didn't :(

  14. You did well! Love the Marc Jacobs-esque watch pendant!


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