Saturday, 26 December 2009

Sadness and excitement

I always feel a bit weird after Christmas, theres so much build up to the one day and then its over in a flash. I have to say i've had a lovely couple of days, Christmas Day was spent with my mum and dad and the dogs, it was very quiet and relaxed. I made Oscar wear the Santa hat, he kept it on for about 10 seconds then got bored.

I wanted to include some snow photos of our house as it was so pretty and i've NEVER had snow on Christmas Day before!
Today both my brothers came over. My oldest brother came with Amelie his little girl who is 11 months and they've told us they are having another baby due in July!! I am very over excited about this. My other brothers wife is very heavily pregnant, the baby was due on 14th December and still hasn't arrived. I've been stroking both of their tummies today, it makes me so broody!! I love having a big family, my sister lives in London and has 4 children of her own, so theres lots of us around.

Did you have a lovely Christmas? Did anyone go sales shopping? I actually can't be bothered, i ordered some bits off the Body Shop but apart from that i'm just not in the mood.


  1. Ooh it looks so pretty! She is so cute. I had something to ask you and I've totally forgotten! I was thinking I must either comment or email you and I can't remember why! :( xxxx

  2. awhh it sounds lovely, i didnt hit the sales, i cant stand the crowds! xx

  3. Your house looks lovely, really pretty and seasonal...can't stand sales hopping, if I wanted it I'd have bought it anyway.
    Congrats on the new arrival, your niece is gorgeous!

  4. Sounds like your xmas was lovely.Your niece is so cute. I get clucky too when i'm around my nieces and nephews. I went to the sales today and it was HECTIC!! Worst then xmas shopping.

  5. Your house is lovely and it looks so pretty with the snow.

    I am surprised I can imagine you loving the sales! xx

  6. these pictures are so cute and adorable :) thanks for sharing :)

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  7. Lovely pictures hun. Oscar is super cute and Amelie looks so adorable :).

    I haven't been to the sales this year, can't be assed plus i always seem to buy things i don't really need anyway xx

  8. I can't handle the sales, only online and usually anything I want is out of stock!

  9. Your house looks so pretty!! Congrats too both of your brothers :) I want my brother too hurry up and have a baby hes been with his fiance for 10 years!


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