Friday, 11 December 2009

Another ASOS parcel and cake!!

I'll start with the most important thing, CAKE!! I got these from Sainsbury's bakery for me and my family, they are such huge slices and were so good. Me and my dad went for chocolate and my mum had the carrot cake. I had to take a picture and tell you all to go get a!
I've had another parcel from ASOS.
I've been wanting to try the Body America range because of the cute packaging and the slogan Organics with Attitude. I saw they had the body butter on offer with a free lip butter so decided it was a good time to order. I got Vanilla and Strawberry cheesecake scent and oooo its lovely the lip butter even tastes gorgeous. I also ordered these bubble baths to make it worth ordering, they were £1.60 each for a big bottle. I've not used them yet but they smell gorgeous.
Hope everyone is well, i have my works Christmas party tonight, still haven't decided what to wear xxxx


  1. I want that cake now!

    Those BB's are good @ £1.60 per bottle, I'll have to get some, hope your party is good! xxx

  2. OMG! Those cakes look fab.
    Liking the retro packaging on the Body America range.
    I've got all the Possibility range - they're 99p each in Savers if you've got a local branch.


  3. ooh! i was looking at the body america things, they look gorgeous, amazing packaging.
    mm i want some cake so bad now haha xx

  4. I so want to try body america stuff but wasn't sure if it was worth the money; you've convinced me to treat myself after christmas!

    and omg cake.

  5. I love when christmas cake season comes in :D Gorgeous cakes!!! <3

  6. This post is making me hungry! Drool!

  7. Lol i knew everyone would be drooling over the cake, it was so good. VV i can't believe they have it in savers, i really wish i had one near me now!


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