Monday, 14 November 2011

Mummy Monday: I'm still standing

My clever boy has started to pull himself to standing for the last 2 weeks! He thinks he is so clever and he can reach EVERYTHING!!
He has taken to standing at the stairgate and posting things through it and down the stairs.
I love this photo! He is waiting for his bath to finish running here!He has also started walking along while holding onto things, very tentative at the moment but i'm sure he'll be cruising around everywhere!

I also got some very exciting news this weekend, my brother and sister in law are expecting a new baby in May next year. It will be my parents 10th grandchild!! I hope its a girl as the last 4 babies have been boys and i want to look at girlie things!


  1. awww !
    congrats to your brother, and also yay for standing-seb! :)

  2. So cute! He might be a little red faced about that last photo when he grows up!! Cant believe how big he is now!! xx

  3. Aww he's growing up so fast Em! xxx

  4. that last photo HAS to be kept for hsi first girlfriend!

  5. Aww bless Seb. Congratulations to your brother x

  6. You'll have to save the second pic for Seb's 18th!

  7. Ahh how cute! Won't be long now til he's a proper walking talking toddler :) x p.s. posting things through the stair gate still hasn't gotten tired in this house, and he's nearly 20 months!!


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