Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Leeds German Christmas market

Last Friday we went into Leeds, mainly because i wanted to visit the German market in Millenium Square.
I've never actually been before but had heard lots of good things about the market so was eager to have a look. As well as the market they also have fairground rides, i loved this carousel.

There are over 40 stalls at the market selling food, drink, jewellery, toys and decorations. I loved the stall selling knitted hats, the man working there was really lovely and friendly.

We actually didn't buy too much, as i only had limited cash in my purse and the queue for the cash machine was immense.
We got these truffles, which were lovely!
These chocolate covered marshmallow things(i don't know the real name!) they came in different flavours, Phils was After Eight and i went for White Chocolate.
Finally we got Seb this wooden hanging toy for his room.
The market is on until 18th December so we will be going back as theres so many nice bits for presents. We left feeling really festive!


  1. We usually get a German Market in Liverpool, I've never bought anything from it before but if they have those marshmallow sweets I'm all over it!

  2. I'm looking forward to visiting the Birmingham one soon, it's my birthday tradition if I'm not in Goa.
    I love the wine! x

  3. Ohhh I must try and squish a visit in, I've overdue a trip to see my bro! I'm off to the Bham market at the start of December and the Bristol one can be quite nice too :) I do love a festive market.

  4. German Christmas Markets are brilliant! I went to one in Salzburg (Austria has the same!) last year and I cannot wait to go to the ones in Berlin next weekend! x

  5. I'm going on Friday, although its got really expensive the past few years so its a bit disappointing.

  6. I'd love something like that!
    Those truffles look yummy.
    Claudia xxx

  7. I saw the one in Birmingham yesterday its fabulous xx


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