Thursday, 17 November 2011

Holidays are coming

I'm sure you have all seen the Coca Cola advert by now, now its on we can officially get excited for Christmas :)
Yesterday was superbusy, we had a man come over to do a check on our Gas appliances, then went shopping, then to my parents house and then me and Phil had to go and see some people about chairs for our wedding. We finally got home at about 8pm and then Phil went out to play football.

Grey and deer print dress-H&M, Purple opaques-New Look, Silver rabbit necklace-H&M
I loved these giant wire reindeer they had outside the shops
With the holidays drawing nearer i've started buying decorations for the tree. I'm pretty much starting from scratch this year as i need baby safe decorations as Seb will be attacking them! These are from Paperchase.
Who watched Pan Am last night? I really enjoyed it, and loved the clothes. What did you think? x


  1. I loved Pan Am so much, I'm doing a blog post on it at the moment :) The Christmas decorations are so pretty! xxx

  2. I haven't seen the coca cola add yet! Those decs are really cute x

  3. LOVE the xmas decs!! xx

    XO Amie

  4. Ohhh pretty decorations! I'm sure Seb willlione tearing them off the tree! ;) xo

  5. I missed Pan Am because I was out :(

  6. Lovely dress, liked it online, but couldn't find it in store.
    I did buy this in pink -
    But spotted this online which I'd love and think you may like, being velvet -

  7. The dress looks so lovely on you!! So much nicer than online. I now I have to get it! (and I have a little silver rabbit pendant from Etsy!) x

  8. Oh I love Pan Am too its so glamourous and I love your dress xx


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