Friday, 28 January 2011


I feel so bleurghh and unispired at the moment. Seb has had a poorly tummy over the last couple of days making him very grumpy and clingy resulting in me being so tired i could sleep standing up. He seems to be on the mend though so fingers crossed we get a decent nights sleep tonight! Stick with me and i'll be back on form soon, i'm sure.
We get the keys to our new home tomorrow morning, i can't wait and have been looking online at things to buy as its bigger then where we are now, i'll have a decent amount of kitchen space to fill! My first new buy is this biscuit tin from ebay, i think they sold tins of party rings at christmas a few years ago and am guessing this is one of the tins, it'll be fab full of treats.
I've also been on Amazon and got myself An Education on DVD, i've not seen this so can't wait to sit and watch it. Has anyone else seen it? Is is good?

I also got this book through the second hand bit on Amazon, its been on my wishlist for ages.
I can tell Seb is feeling better from the fun he had in the bath this morning. He's getting so big now :)
Hope you all have fab weekends xxx


  1. Ach Em, hope you're feeling better soon. Lots of people seem to be feeling crappy at the moment - perhaps February will cheer us all up a bit!

    Love the tin! I'm a total sucker for party rings.

    I've seen the film and read the book and enjoyed both of them :)

  2. Glad to hear Seb's feeling better :)

    I know the bleugh feeling too at the moment, can't seem to shake it. How exciting about your new house though! Good luck with the move and enjoy filling your new tin xx

  3. So glad Seb is feeling better!

    And oh goooodness that party ring tin! I think I remember us having one of those!

  4. Good to hear Seb is better. He looks so CUTE!!

  5. Hey Em, I'm sorry you have not been getting enough sleep lately, but hopefully Seb gets better soon- he already looks it, look at his cheeky little smile :) I haven't seen Education yet either, but it is definitely on my wishlist, so when you do get a chance to watch it, write a review of sort whether you recommend it :) Everyone's been on and on about it because of Carrie, so I really want to know if it really is that amazing :P

  6. Love Seb(beautiful and bonny wee laddie:), get well soon, Em!


  7. I've been wanting to read that book for a while, and I think I had that tin at some point a few years ago! x


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