Friday, 21 January 2011

Outfit of the day

I know i did a post wearing this dress not too long ago but i love it so! I am so looking forward to this weekend, Phil has a WHOLE weekend off work and Monday too, this is a first!
Green polka dot dress-Primark, Green opaques-Accessorise
Mirrored heart necklace
Sheer sleeves
Cutout shoeboots-Wallis
What is everyone upto this weekend? Tomorrow afternoon we're off to the opening of a new Childrens centre, to see what they have there, i'm hoping they run some mum and baby groups as i can't find any for small babies running nearby at the moment. Tomorrow night we're having the inlaws over as they are going on holiday in the week and want to see Seb before they go. Sunday is shopping delivery day. And Monday, who knows?!


  1. Gorgeous(looking-good, Em:)!


  2. LOVE that dress! I hope you have a fabulous weekend Em x

  3. oh I adore this outfit! The dress is gorgeous, and love the little necklace & boots

  4. Such a cute outfit
    That necklace is gorgeous
    Have a great weekend

  5. I've got this dress in black, but I LOVE the green! I also adooore that necklace - I just bought a silver-toned looking glass necklace, but yours is far more beautiful!

  6. That dress is serisouly lovely and so perfect for your figure. Am v. jealous that you manage to look thin AND boobalicious!

  7. Such a gorgeous dress. No wonder why you love it. Have fun at the new baby centre. xxx

  8. I love your dress, you're looking fab :). I have Monday off work too, woop. Think we're out for a meal tomorrow then off to a few bars for drinks xx

  9. That dress is loving your body! :) You look wonderful! I hope you are enjoying your three days off together :) This weekend has been pretty dull for me, mostly just studying, cleaning and blogging. I can't wait for the days to get longer so I have more energy, this way as soon as it gets dark i'm like 'right, is it bedtime yet?' :P

  10. love the dress, and the shoe boots with that cut out detail look fab with those colourful tights underneath!! :)


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