Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Ins and Outs


Matte Nails- i've been madly using my matte topcoat over everything, i love it.

Quirky prints-I always love a random print, i fell in love with a dress in Zara in the print in the picture below, sadly the dress was totally the wrong shape on me but i still love that print.

QVC- I hate to admit it but i seem to have developed a minor addiction to the shopping channel. I've never actually ordered but can quite happily waste an hour watching(especially their beauty hours) while feeding Seb.

Primark PJ's- cheap, comfy and cute! Pair with cosy socks for a perfect combination.


I've lost my beloved Marc Jacobs necklace :( I wore it out shopping last week and i think i left in Topshops changing rooms but nobodys handed it in. I'm so gutted as i loved it so much.

Taking down the Christmas decorations-i hate the bare looking room when the decorations come down.

Mess!-Seb seems to have a sensor inside that everytime i start to tidy and clean he wakes up!


  1. omg i need that print in my life - is it new, i can't find it on the website :(
    i found a scotty dog print dress in the "varsity" themed collection at h&m last week, but again it was a really weird shape and print so i resisted!

  2. I used to be obsessed with QVC!

  3. That's a bummer you lost your Marc Jacobs necklace :( xx

  4. Such a cute post
    Cannot believe you lost your Marc Jacobs necklace!
    What a shame :(

  5. Ooh what a divine print! I have a top that's sort of similar that I still haven't blogged - must get round to it soon!

    Such bad news about the necklace :( I hope it turns up behind your dressing table or something.

  6. I love the print, sometimes I wish I could just cut a corner of a dress, top etc off and take it home for inspiration!
    Hope your necklace turns up, I once lost a skull ring (it was only a cheap H&M one) but still pretty gutting! x


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