Thursday, 20 January 2011


We've had a lovely couple of days. Yesterday i took Seb to go and meet Phil from work to surprise him as he was feeling a bit down/tired, I took Seb in the sling and he loved having a good look at everything that was going on, then i took them both to the pub for a drink(milk for Seb!) before heading home. Here is the little man snug in his snowsuit and sling attatched to me.
Then today Phil had a late start so we had a massive clean while Seb slept and then went for a walk to the park. There is a huge park literally 5 minutes walk from our front door so Phil just carried Seb so that he could see what was going on as he can't see much from his pram and he is a nosey parker these days. Heres what i'm wearing today...

Black v neck tee-H&M worn under, Black eiffel tower swing top-Primark, Black leggings-ASOS, Grey cardi-La Redoute

Bird pin-Primark

Pumps-La Redoute

I wore my Primark knitted headband for outside and my chunky scarf which was a birthday present and matched the headband perfectly.

God i look rough without make up!

It was all very hard work for Seb as you can see!

On the new home front, a flat has gone up for rent in the same house, so we're going to view it, its bigger and has just been renovated so fingers crossed. I love where we live as we have such lovely neighbours.



  1. Cute pix. How contented does Seb look when he's asleep? Amazing. Rough? You don't know the meaning of the word!

  2. awww he is so cute!
    You do not look rough without make up you are so lucky as you can get away without wearing make up and still look really pretty xx

  3. How gorgeous do you look Em? Dear lord I hope when I have a kiddie I look half as good as you!
    Seb is gorgeous, really gorgeous xox

  4. You look beautiful, Em. Motherhood suits you. The little man is going to pubs already? Cool! xxx

  5. Beautiful pics of the apple of your eye(esp the last one now who's a proud mummy:)!


  6. Seb is getting cuter and cuter, and you do not look rough in the slightest!

  7. Aaah, what a cutie. And you still look annoyingly pretty without make up *grr*

    Good luck with the flat viewing, fingers crossed it will be suitable!

    Bibs x

  8. AWwwwwww he looks so cute in the sling. I am so clucky it's scary. Em, you look gorgeous without makeup, you have beautiful skin. xxx

  9. Seb is just adorable in that last picture! You look lovely, I think this is the first time I see a proper close up of you :)

  10. Oh Em, the pair of you are equally gorgeous!

  11. What lovely pics, you both look gorgeous!! :) xx

  12. I love the photo of you and Seb together :) Sounds like a lovely day x

  13. Aw you both look gorgeous, such lovely photos (and you don't look 'rough' without makeup at all!) xx


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