Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Chocolate cake and black lace

Our neighbours are sooo lovely! We had a knock on the door last night and it was the elderly man next door who was taking big wedges of this gorgeous cake round to each of the 6 flats here. It was delicious, the icing was about an inch thick!
Anyway on to a proper post, heres my outfit from Sunday when i was shopping with my mum, i love this dress(i also have it in cream) its had so much wear.
Black lace dress-Primark, Natural woolly tights-Primark
Watering can necklace-Republic
Patant bow shoes-Topshop


  1. OMG that cake looks divine!!! I could so eat that right now! What a sweet man - did he make it himself?
    Super cute necklace too!
    Zoe x
    My blog, DiamondSolitaire

  2. Best neighbour ever! And I LOVE your outfit x

  3. wow to neighbours who bring you cake - i share a hallway with three others and i don't htink i have ever even met them, let alone brought cake round!!

    i love that necklace ! :)

  4. Lovely outfit hun. The cake looks yummy!!!

    Sadie x


  5. You look loveky and that cake looks yummy, i wish I had nightbours like that!
    Claudia xxx

  6. That cakes looks absolutely delicious! What a lovely old man :) xoxo

  7. What a lovely thing for him to do! And such scrumptious looking cake too.

    You have such great taste in jewellery Em. That watering can necklace is so cute.

  8. Wow! Don't you have the most amazing neighbors!
    That cake looks delicious
    As does your dress, so very pretty

  9. That cake looks amazing! Wow.
    Love your necklace - the mini watering can is so cute! x

  10. Such a cute outfit, very Chanel! I adore the necklace, so whimsical! Amazing looking cake too, what lovely neighbours you have! it makes all the difference x

  11. OMG that cake looks amazing.

    I like your dress and shoes..very nice xx


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