Monday, 17 January 2011

Blue Monday?

Today is meant to be the most depressing day of the year. Not here its not!
I'm sorry for the lack of posting over the last few days, we've been very busy trying to find ourselves somewhere new to live as our landlord has failed to do anything about the damp we discovered before Seb was born despite promises that were made to us, its just getting worse, and its not healthy so we're leaving. It might mean a brief stay at our parents if we can't find somewhere in the next week or so but its better then having Seb in here.

Yesterday i went shopping with my mum while Seb went to watch a rugby match with his dad, it was the first time i'd left him and i sobbed all the way to the shops(even though i knew he was fine!). To be honest i wasn't that inspired with the clothes in the shops, i tried a couple of dresses on but they were very similar to things i already own. So nothing new clothes wise but i picked up a few bits.

I got these shoeboots from Wallis, its not where i usually shop, but they do some fab shoes, i love that these have a wearable heel as well as being really funky. They were a bargain too reduced from £47 to £15.

I also got 3 charm necklaces from Primark, i can't resist a cute necklace!
A wired headband, this is so easy to use!
And a huge nautical scarf, my mum was telling me how my nan has loads of gorgeous scarves like this from Liberty that shes had for years, hidden away. Next time i get the chance to go and visit her i'm going to try and ferret them out.
Seb did pretty well out of my trip too.

Last week i went to my local MIND shop to pick up some new books, i nearly always get my books from charity shops. While in there i also grabbed this for Seb, its so cute and was brand new with tags on for the grand price of 50p! xxxx


  1. Sorry to hear about the flat problems, what an ass him not sorting it, especially when you have a small baby, grr, i don't blame you for moving out. Fingers crossed you find somewhere soon.

    Love those Shoes!!

    Sadie x

  2. I see you have the 'queen of the chick lits' fiction there, Em AKA Lisa Jewell(a male I know enjoyed Ralph's party:)she's the only chic lit fiction I've ever read(love her writing style)!

    I hope you find somewhere habitable and safe soon with a decent landlord who doesn't think about £ and $ signs all day long.


  3. hope u manage to find somewhere soon!
    i love all the bargains - well done!
    it's depressing here, but that's just my own fault :( x

  4. I hope you get somewhere soon chick.
    It's a miserable day here but I think that may be the awful weather we've got :o(
    Cute haul! I love the neclklaces and Seb's gorgeous bits.
    Zoe xx
    My blog, DiamondSolitaire

  5. awhh i love baby clothes!
    hope motherhood is treating you well :) xx

  6. Good luck with the new home hunt.

    The shoe boots are greatm I love the cut outs x

    The doll on fashion

  7. Best of luck with the flat hunt, you deserve to be treated much better. Love youur buys, those boots are lovely. xxx

  8. Oh that's awful about the landlord, stupid man! You were so excited about your new place as well :( Fingers crossed you find somewhere nicer and non-damp with as little hassle as possible.

    Loving that teaset necklace!!

  9. I love all of those Primark charm necklaces, especially the teacup one x

  10. Seb is quite the stylish little man! Love your buys, Wallis are really good for shoes aren't they?! I only ever look in there with my Mum x

  11. Love all those necklaces esp the pink floral one.

    Seb's things are so cute!
    I buy most of my books from charity shops too xx

  12. Sorry to hear you're having to move but I'm sure you'll end up somewhere much better. Cute necklaces.


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