Monday, 24 January 2011

Review: Lush Lip Scrub

This is one of the few products that i've never tried despite picking them up and having a sniff at the tills plenty of times, i get chapped lips so thought it might be a bit harsh.
At Christmas, Phils mum got me a Lush gift box and it had a lip scrub inside. Its called lip dip which i believe is a limited edition flavour for Christmas but you can see the permanant flavours here.
Lip Dip is described on the packaging as being a sherbert, cranberry and lemon flavoured lip scrub and it so true. It smells just like sherbert lemon sweets, i didn't get any cranberry smells in there at all.
The conisitancy is thicker then i expected, its a bit like toothpaste if that makes sense? To use all you need to do is rub some all over your lips gently and then lick off! I was surprised how little you need to use each time but it does mean a pot would last for ages. The testure is scrubby but not too scratchy so it doesn't make you sore. Licking off the scrub is a pleasure, it tastes gorgeous and i think it makes the product a bit quirky.
After using it i've been left with really smooth and soft lips, its perfect for using before applying lippie. So all in all its a thumbs up from me!
Have you tried one of these? xx


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  2. That seems a bit odd to me, the thought of licking lip balm type stuff off is weird..I usually have to try not to! but i may well give it a try, as my lips are rather dry recently :S

  3. Sounds yummy, i may have to try some!
    Claudia xxx

  4. You get to eat your sherbet flavoured lip balm? that is AMAZING!
    I don't really shop in Lush because I usually get a headache from that many smells together, but I think I might put it on my birthday wishlist :P


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