Sunday, 30 January 2011

Moving on

Happy Sunday everyone! I feel so much better a combination of a long hot bubbly bath, a good nights sleep and a happier baby means I'm feeling human again.

We also got our keys yesterday, to start the moving process, we can't properly move in yet as we won't have a bed until Tuesday but we've managed to get about half of our things over there between the two of us. Phil is working today and won't be home until about 2am so my mums coming over for a bit to see the new flat and maybe go for a walk.

Tonight I'm going to be watching PS I Love You(not as good as the book but I'll still watch) and painting my nails in my PJ's. This is dependent on Seb being asleep at a reasonable time! I might even have a fish finger sandwich rather then a proper cooked meal as I'll be on my own. What are you all upto today?

I've got lots of posts planned for the next few weeks so fingers crossed my blog may become mildly more interesting to read

Seb's got his first lot of jabs tomorrow morning, wish us luck!



  1. Glad you're feeling better :)
    I want to read the book of PS I Love You before I see the film of it as everyone says the film's not as good. It's been on my "to read" list for ages.
    I'm having a chilled Sunday, currently sitting in Starbucks sorting out all the photos on my hardrive - so many memories! x

  2. Best of luck with everything!

    Hope Seb (and his mummy!) cope with the injections and stuff OK tomorrow...

  3. I am going to watch that film tonight too and Dancing on Ice x

    Good luck for tomorrow x

  4. Good luck for you and Seb tomorrow lovely

    (fish finger sandwiches are the best!)


  5. Good luck with everything. Have a lovely night in. I've got salad with olives, cheeses and crusty bread and a documentary about child prostitution in India to watch, a strange choice even if I do say so myself. xxx

  6. Hope all goes well for you with the move, Love the party ring tin, those are m y fav non choc biscuit!

    Seb is sooo cute!!!!

    Wedding plans.. so far all I have done is book a photographer and I am meeting with someone about dresses in March ( keep em crossed for me) xx

  7. Good luck with the move, I think doing things gradually rather than all at once is ideal. I'm now craving a fish finger sandwich!

  8. Glad you're both feeling better, and I'm so happy that you've finally got the move underway! Good luck and I hope you get settled in your new place soon! xxx

  9. Glad things are going well for you - hope Seb went to bed at a reasonable hour, so your night in plans went without a hitch :)

    Best of luck for you (& of course Seb) tomorrow - it'll be worse for you than him, bless!

  10. Good luck with the move! It's exciting moving house... well after you unpack everything I guess. I'm hoping to get a puppy. It's my birthday on Wednesday so I really hope Ben buys me a puppy... PLEASE!!! xxx

  11. ooh good luck with moving, and glad you have had a bit of relax time :)

  12. Good luck with your new flat, I am sure you will be settled in soon x

  13. Glad you're feeling better my dear, and are settling in. I bloody love fishfinger sandwiches! x


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