Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Monthly missions: part 3

Its time for part 3 of my monthly missions! See last months here.
Time for a quick update on last months missions.
1. Take Seb swimming, well we've been to Aquababies twice so far and are going again next week. Seb loves it, he just smiles and splashes away, i've ordered him a floating seat thing so that he can have more freedom in the water now i know that he doesn't mind it. The baby pool is so lovely and warm i could stay in all day! I'm sticking to weekday sessions though as when we went on Sunday it was really full and some of the children were about 8 or 9, i'm not sure what age babies is meant to end at?
2. Reading 4 books in a month? Well i'm pleased to say i did it, the 4 books are below and i'm now onto another one. The bottom book got dropped in the bath though(bad times). I have to say i loved A Vintage Affair and recommend it to anyone.
3. Posting 2 outfits a week. I pretty much managed to achieve this too. Very pleased with myself!
Onto this months missions...
1. Use up some beauty products. I have so many products in the bathroom, Phil teases me all the time so this month i'm going to use some up before starting on new ones or buying any more!
2. Buy basics. I'm in need of loads of basics at the minute, leggings, tights, underwear etc so i'm concentrating on those this month.
3. Similar to last months book, this week i'm aiming to watch at least 1 DVD a week, i have so many that are unwatched.
I'll be back next month with an update!


  1. oh i really need to buy basics next time i go clothes shopping, i can'tever drag myself away from the pretty prints though :(
    have just bought some very BORING but practical running shoes though..

  2. I really, really need some basics! Especially plain tops.

    How cute does Seb look?! You make me so broody!

  3. I read A Vintage Affair when I was off work and really enjoyed it too. I need to buy some basics too!

  4. I must put A Vintage Affair on my to read list. I saw it not so long back but didn't buy it, really wish I did now! xx

  5. Well done for completing your goals - 4 books in a month is really good.
    Good luck with this month's missions - I did the using up beauty products thing a while ago and its so nice to have de-cluttered cupboards and only the products that you really love left. x

  6. I need basics as well, isn't it dull? There's a 30% off at Gap voucher online at the moment though so I'm hoping to use that to get a few bits.

    I liked A Vintage Affair (although did you get a bit annoyed by how snobby she was about what was vintage or not? It's not just expensive designer brands!). I read The Second Assistant last week - didn't know there was a related book!


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