Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Shrove Tuesday

Thank you everyone for your comments, you'll be pleased to know me and Seb are much better today. I now feel human again. I must have been tired as i slept through Seb waking up, luckily Phil got up with him!
I've been baking!
Chocolate chip muffins with a chocolate drizzle over the top, these are so good!
Its pancake day! Who is having pancakes and what are you having with them? We're going for chocolate sauce, yum


  1. Those muffins look lovely. We're having pancakes later for tea, not decided what with yet though xx

  2. oh i love pancake day, usually have them with lemon juice and sugar, although i also have a great recipe for pancake canelloni, whcih is great!

  3. OMG they look so nice! I am trying to eat healthy at the moment but I love pancakes!


  4. I forgot it was Shrove Tuesday! I'd better get down that corner shop and stock up on lemons. x

  5. I had pre-made buttermilk pancakes (Waitrose, yay) for breakfast with apricot jam.

    Tonight I'm making pancakes with lemon curd.

    I am a pancake fiend!

  6. Those muffins look amazing! I one pancake with cherry jam and another with nutella :) x

  7. We had sugar and lemon, delicious!

  8. Nom!

    I had a couple with sugar and lemon and one more daring one with sliced strawberries and dark chocolate. It was yum, although the only choc we had was lime and sea salt flavoured - lovely, but not quite ideal with strawberries!


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