Monday, 7 March 2011

Do my elbows look younger?

Does anyone else love the new No.7 advert?

I finally got round to taking a photo of my current favourite nail polish.
Chanel-Black Pearl

I am now full of cold and feeling rubbishy, it started over the weekend but today i feel bleurggh, i've had throat problems in the past and it feels like it might be flaring up again. Hoping it will go away as i was previously threatened with having my tonsils removed by my doctor and i don't fancy that!
Hope everyone has had a lovely Monday xxx


  1. Sorry you're feeling rubbishy Em. These winter colds are a right pain - mine dragged on for ages. Chug lots of orange juice - bound to help!

  2. I haven't seen the new No.7 ad, I'm intrigued now.
    That nail polish is lovely, I hope you are feeling better soon xx

  3. Get well soon Em! looks lovely on you xx

  4. my cold still seems to be lingering, but hopefully you are sharing this bit of sun we have today, it's cvheering me up no end! :)


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