Thursday, 31 March 2011

The return of Sweet Valley High!

I was mooching around the Daily Mail(i know, i know) website when i came across this article.

Bloggers of a certain age will certainly remember Sweet Valley High books fondly, i was such a fan of Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield that i even read some books about when they were younger children and some when they were at uni. I also loved the TV show.

The author Francine Pascal is releasing a new book Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years On which details the twins lives now they are in their late twenties and i for one am pre ordering my copy from Amazon.

These books along with Judy Blume books were my favourites when i was at that weird age between child and teenager.

Did you read Sweet Valley High? xxx


  1. I used to love Sweet Valley High, my friend and I used to act it out, she also begged her mum to let her change her name officially to Elizabeth as well....!

    I remember hearing something about them making a film too although that was a year or so ago.

    I will most likely buy this book too, i'd probably re-read the old ones aswell.

    The doll on fashion

  2. Lol I browse the daily mail website too!

    I used to love Judy Blume books x

  3. i've been hearing about this today, it's making me want to read them all again as well - how sad ;!

  4. we blogged about the same thing at the same time!!

    I loved Sweet Valley Twins and High! I'm going to hold my horses and wait until I can get it from the library, I simply have no room for another book in my house!

  5. thanks for the trip down memory lane, Em(loved these series of pre teen books:)!


  6. Ah i used to love Judy Blume, & the tv version of sweet Valley High, was never as keen on the books xXx

  7. No words for how excited this makes me!

  8. haha....I used to read sweet valley high books. they were so bad but so addictive!

  9. OMG! I used to LOVE Sweet Valley High too!!

  10. I went through a Sweet Valley High phase! It's all coming back to me now xx

  11. Oh i loved Sweet Valley High.


  12. OMG I loved SVH!!
    Will definitely be ordering!!

  13. Don't know how I've only just seen this, I saw it in the paper and can't wait to read it, i still have all my books in the loft and i really wanna read them all again before reading this! Do you remember the books they did that were like secret diaries of each of them? I LOVED them was seriously obsessed!


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