Thursday, 10 March 2011

I'm going to Frankensteins wedding

You may have seen adverts for Frankensteins Wedding, a live TV event on BBC3 on 19th March. Well i applied for tickets thinking it would be fun and i got 2 tickets! Its being filmed at Kirkstall Abbey in Leeds.
I'm taking my friend Clare and as guests we have to learn a wedding dance(this will be interesting!) and dress up as if attending a winter wedding the bbc site says 'It's a winter wedding so think glamour and warmth. Dress up smart - wear a suit or a frock – but have fun. The colour code: Silver, gold, black and white.' I can't wait to dress up! The only thing that will be a pain is i have to get into Leeds next week to pick up tickets from the BBC building, i wish they would post them out, i'd happily pay!
Has anyone been to anything like this before? Was it good?


  1. I was watching David Harewood talking about this on BBC Breakfast yesterday. He's such a fantastic actor, I'd love to see him play the beast. xxx

  2. This sounds like a great event, is that Stacey from Eastenders? I would love to see something live for TV xx

  3. I haven't seen the ads for it but it sounds really interesting and how fab that you've got tickets for it! Do you know what you're going to wear yet?

  4. i've heard ads on the radio, it sounds brilliant! I'd love to get tickets to something being filmed, but i'm too far from anywhere good, so nefver bother applying!


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