Tuesday, 15 March 2011


I saw this on Alex's blog and it was really interesting so i thought I'd have a go.

I am.. a mother. Seb is undoubtedly the best thing that has ever happened to me. Being a mum is bloody hard work and i now have a new respect for my mum, despite that its the most rewarding thing and i can't wait to expand our little family(sooner rather then later!).

The bravest thing i have ever done.... is definitely having a baby! I had a pretty awful labour which was long, painful and at points pretty scary. I ended up having an emergency Cesarean and had to be put under general anaesthetic as they needed to get him out. It still upsets me that i wasn't awake for his birth and Phil wasn't allowed in either so we both missed it, i wish i could have given birth properly and feel like i let Seb down.

I feel prettiest when... I'm out for the night and have a few drinks inside me. That lovely confident feeling you get from alcohol can be hard to beat. Also a good flirt with someone is a guaranteed confidence booster!

Something that keeps me up at night... bad dreams, i suffer with bad dreams when i feel stressed about something and have done since i was quite young. The dreams are pretty horrific and i have 2 or 3 that are repeated.

My favourite meal is... pasta carbonara, i love this when its made properly, preferably in an Italian restaurant with something like chocolate fudge cake after.

The way to my heart is.. by making me laugh. I know its a predictable answer but its true, if someone can make me laugh then I'm their friend for life. Good cuddles are also high up there in the list, i love a good cuddle me!

I would like to be.. more adventurous, i would love to be one of those people who travel the world going from one adventure to the next. I'm much more of a homebody and live voraciously through others!

If anyone does this, please leave me a link so i can have a read xx


  1. You are such a wonderful Mum to Seb, and such an inspiration. Starting a family actually terrifies me, but when I read about how far you have come, I realise when the time is ready I know it will work out just right for me too. It's nice to be able to follow your journey through motherhood xx

  2. Oh Em, it makes me really sad that you think you've let Seb down due to the birth complications. You're a wonderful mum, don't ever doubt yourself.

  3. Seb would never know, Em! He's loved to bits by both of you, what more could a child want? xxx

  4. awww thats sad re Seb but like Vix said he will never know and you and Phil both love him more than anything so thats all that matters. Some children get far far worse!
    I suffer with bad dreams and weird dreams and I get 2 that are repeated often.

    Great post by the way I may do this

    Lisa xx

  5. Your little man knows you love him to bits so never feel guilty.

    A heartfelt post.

    X x x

  6. Great post, Em and how fortunate is Seb to have you for a mummy!


  7. Such a sweet and honest post, Em. x

  8. Oh i love this post, but please don't feel that you have let him down, you are a wonderful mum to him!


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