Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Review: Tesco Vitamin E skincare range

This is just a really simple review on some products I'm currently using from the Tesco Vitamin E range. I ordered the wipes in with our online shop as i was running low, most of the branded wipes seem to bring me out in spots so i thought I'd try these. After using them i was impressed and so purchased the moisturising lotion and face scrub to try out.
I've done some mini reviews in case anyone else would like to try them out.
Tesco say 'this range has been enriched with Vitamin E for its antioxident, protecting and conditioning properties to care for your skin.'

Face wipes
+ Total bargain, 25 wipes in a pack for 48p.
+ Nice sized wipes, not too huge or small.
+ Gets lots of dirt off(does anyone else find it satisfying seeing how much dirt comes off?!)
+ Smell fresh and clean.
+ Pack stays sealed when you close it properly so the wipes don't dry out.
+ Skin feels clean after use and they don't dry my skin out or leave me greasy.

- Packaging is very basic.
- They don't remove very heavy eye make up(I've never found a wipe that does remove it all though)

Moisturising lotion
+ Another bargain 72p for 150ml.
+ Very light cream which is good for my oily t-zone.
+ A little goes a long way!
+ Sinks in quickly leaving soft skin.
+ A good base for make up.

- Probably to light for those with drier skin or as the weather gets colder/windier.
- No SPF
- No pretty packaging.

Face scrub
+ You guessed it, another bargain! 60p for 150ml.
+ Not too harsh.
+ I used with my scrublet to work into my skin and it was perfect for this.

- I found it a bit runny.
- Not as scrubby as i would like, was ok with my scrublet but probably not on its own.
- Again no pretty packaging.

Overall i'm happy with what i tried and for the prices you aren't losing anything if you don't like them.
The range has quite a few products apart from the ones I've tried they also do a facial wash, cleanser, toner, night cream, eye make up remover and hand cream all for less then £1. I think i might try the night cream and will be stocking up on the wipes for when baby is here for speed and ease!


  1. i love the Tesco Vitamin E range, they are lush :D am I the only one who thought they smelt abit weird though? lol


  2. i love the vitamin e wipes :) x

  3. awesome! you are so committed to this its great!!
    thanks for sharing the knowledge and love with us xxxx

  4. Tesco make-up wipes have always been my to go to ones, they just seem to be of decent quality and price x


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