Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween

This will probably be the least Halloweeny post ever as i'm not celebrating this year apart from giving out sweeties to the littlies who look so cute.
I hope everyones having a good weekend? Mine has been lovely, i'm feeling good after our little practise last week and now only have 4 weeks to go officially. Next week our little man will be able to arrive without being deemed premature so i'm starting to feel very chilled. I've also been out for a lovely lunch today with a couple of friends and had a good gossip.

The cot is ready and waiting(excuse my hosptial bag at the foot), the pram is ready and waiting(after spending an age trying to figure it out) and we are getting impatiant!

I also went out for lunch in Leeds with Phil on Friday, we popped into Cath Kidston to get this cute towel and flannel.

And i picked up this photo frame, i'm trying to buy different ones rather then a set that are all the same, this is pretty although its just a card frame :( I also grabbed a couple of basic cardigans in Primark in black and purple(to boring to take photos of) and this lovely bow bangle.
I would just like to thank everyone for their comments on my last couple of posts. It means alot to me that people care. This year has been full of massive changes and blogging has kept me sane!


  1. awww cute pictures of the cot and I adore Cath Kidston.

    That purple bracelet is lovely too.


  2. Awh the cot!!
    i love the cath kidston bits too!

    Gosh you're so good at the home maker thing are'nt you?

    You'll be the perfect mummy! xx

  3. Aw, Cath Kidston baby bits! I *am* sending your parcel this week...I'm such a slacker, is there anything you need? xx

  4. aw so cute I love Ms Kidston - fingers crossed it won't be long now xx

  5. The Cath Kidston baby things are so cute!
    Happy Halloween and good luck for bump's arrival - not long to go! x

  6. Isn't baby stuff just tremendously cute and fun to buy? I'm not the biggest Cath Kidston fan in the world but the flannel and towel are adorable!

  7. .love love LOVE the ducky flannel and towel set :)
    you're so organised that you have it all ready, soo exciting :) xxx

  8. The cot looks so cute! Love love the Cath Kidston towel, always such good quality and lovely prints xx

  9. Oh how exciting. I still remember how it feels to be waiting (very impatiently), but so excited about him (I have 2) arriving. I used to check the nursery every hour and breath in the Johnson's baby bits, I also used to leave the little night light on (hubby thought I was mad!!), but it was all part of the 'getting ready'. Feet up for the next 4 weeks xx

  10. Aww the flannel and towel are so sweet! Love Cath Kidston. Glad you are feeling well after last week, I can't believe there's only 4 weeks to go! Doesn't seem that long ago that you were announced you were expecting! Sounds like you are well prepared, the cot looks lovely - love the patchwork quilt! <3 xxx

  11. Ooh not long to go now sweetie, i remember you telling me in the early stages when you first found out, time as flew by hasn't it? I hope everything goes well xxx


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