Sunday, 24 October 2010

Heart tights!

Hello everyone, i hope you're all having a fab weekend. Phils at work all weekend so i spent yesterday with my parents, did a little shopping with my mum and then came home to watch X Factor with Phil.
Today i'm having a cleaning day and possibly will be baking a ginger cake later on.
A quick outfit post.
Black dress with pearly buttons-Primark, Black and White heart tights-ASOS
Over knee heeled boots-La Redoute
35 weeks today, at my midwife appointment last week the baby was measuring 38 weeks!! So 4 weeks ahead! He's in the right place to come so its a waiting game now(an uncomfortable one though!). The good news is as long as he stays in for another 2 weeks i can have him at a birth centre which is much nicer then hospital but without all the drugs!
Hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday xxx


  1. Oh you look nice on a Sun.. Im still in my PJ's!!
    You can see the bump starting to drop now- He wants out!

    Aww you know me so well, that post was done early hours fri night- sat morning SO.. yes I did go out last night! (cant help myself)

    Glad all is good with you xx

  2. Love these tights, and the boots. But i think they look better without the boots, just because they really cut them up & only show a small part of the tights
    Hello bumpy

  3. You look amazing for a soon-to-give-birth woman! Love the tights! xxx

  4. I love those tights. And bloody hell, chicest pregnant girly ever. I was telling my ED nurse about you as she is pregnant and doesn't know how to dress.

    I shall get your parcel posted asap x

  5. What brilliant tights!!

    Exciting news about bump - bet you can't wait for the birth now!

  6. I love those tights! I've got some Primark ones but there not as nice as these xx

  7. I can't believe how quickly it's gone, soon you'll be saying hello to your little baby. I read the post after this - don't be pressurised - do whatever you want! xxx


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