Monday, 25 October 2010

Ins and Outs


  • Gorgeous fresh Autumn days, i love this season and all the colours that come with it.
  • Ebay, have sold some bits on there and made myself a little spending money.
  • Christmas shopping and wrapping. I've done all the little ones in our family, i just need to buy for the adults now, i'm determined to enjoy it as by the time Christmas does come round i'm likely to be exhausted!
  • Looking to the future, i have so much to look forward to in the next few weeks and i feel so lucky. Most of you know that bump was most definately not planned but i'm just so contented and excited about everything.
  • Leopard print is back, well for me it never really went away.
  • Blogging, well bloggers. Everyone is so lovely and i really appreciate all the lovely comments i get.

  • Family pressures! A certain males mother is dropping heavy hints that she wants to be there at the birth, or be there right afterwards. Erm no, i don't want an audience either while giving birth or trying to bond in the few hours afterwards.
  • No baby name still!
  • I called the birth centre to book in to give birth to find its been closed for 3 weeks and will be for the forseeable future so i can't have bump there. I'm so gutted about it as its lovely there and i really didn't want a hospital birth.


  1. Im sorry to hear about the birth center, could you not do a home birth if youre adamant about not wanting to be in hospital?
    good luck! xx

  2. You must be so excited, I'm so happy for you. It sounds like everything has fallen into place. And I'm sure the name will come once you see him for the first time xx

  3. One of my friends had a baby earlier this year, and it took them a week or so after "meeting him" to settle on a don't fret too much about it!

  4. aww its such an exciting time for you and I wish you all the best.

    You have to have things your way when it comes to the birth as its your body and your baby.

    I bet you will have a lovely xmas this year with your little bundle of joy and your lovely boyfriend...and I am sure you will come up with a name soon!

    BTW I love autumn/winter clothing and the fresh days.


  5. Autumn is lovely :) Congrats on your pregnancy, you'll have a lovely little bundle for Christmas! And don't let anyone steal your moment!
    Kat x
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  6. I hope everything with the pregnancy is going well - hopefully the mother will get the hint!

  7. I imagine giving birth will be stressful enough without having people there who you don't want to be there! It's your day hun, put your foot down and make it about you.

  8. Awww chick.. thats not so good news, sorry for you!

    As for the MIL (mother in law) I agree with you totally, you need that special time alone and I hope she comes to understand that. I personally wouldn't want clouds of visitors at the house for a week either! ha xx

  9. Ah I'm sorry to hear you can't have the baby at the birth centre, it sounded really lovely there :( Argh my Mum had the same problem with her MIL. She had to have a caesarean so had only just woken up when the MIL arrived and that was the first time she'd been able to see my Dad and the baby! Make a point that you want to bond together as a family before you have any visitors. It's your birth and you're entitled to have whoever you want there! Hopefully she'll get the message! xxx


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